Residential Life at Children’s Hope Residential Services

Children’s Hope Residential Services, a nonprofit founded by James Aldrich CEO, offers a variety of mental health treatment and care programs for children suffering from emotional and behavioral issues due to abuse and neglect. The Residential Life program provides 24-hour care at the three Children’s Hope residential treatment centers in Texas.

Each center is staffed with a Care Team that includes case managers, therapists, health care professionals, administrative staff, and direct care counselors. The Care Team works to ensure the children are well taken care of and can process the trauma they’ve endured in a safe and supportive environment.

Children’s Hope Residential Services helps the children cope, while also teaching them essential life skills that they might not have learned due to the neglect they’ve suffered. It may come as a surprise, but a lot of the children don’t know how to do simple everyday tasks like brushing and flossing their teeth and other basic hygiene habits.

A personalized treatment plan is created for every child in the Residential Life program. The primary goal of the program is to help the children work through their trauma, while engaging in therapeutic programming and community participation. This includes helping the children develop healthy relationships with caregivers and peers. The program is designed to help the children build a bright future.

Some of the activities included in the Residential Life programming include: study time, therapeutic art, educational activities, physical education, school, recreation, individual counseling, community participation, treatment journals, support groups, spiritual growth, mentoring, development of daily living skills, story time, and personal reflection and praise.

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