Children’s Hope Residential Services

Children’s Hope Residential Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mental health treatment of abused and neglected children placed with Children’s Protective Services. Children’s Hope Residential Services was founded by James Aldrich in 2002 and has since served more than 2,000 children across Texas who struggle with emotional and/or behavioral issues. For nearly 15 years, Children’s Hope has provided a safe haven for neglected and abused children; the nonprofit provides a variety of mentoring, nurturing, counseling, and medical care services to keep the children healthy, safe and happy.

Residential Treatment

The Residential Treatment Program at Children’s Hope Residential Services serves children struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues related to abuse. The children receive 24-hour care by Children’s Hope’s professional staff, which includes therapists, residential treatment providers, case managers and administrators. Mental health services and intervention support are administered on-site by a licensed professional counselor.

Day Treatment

The Day Treatment Program at Children’s Hope helps children who do not require residential care but need more care than can be provided through an outpatient program. This program provides weekly psycho-educational group therapy, weekly individual therapy sessions, and weekly evaluations by a psychiatrist. The Day Treatment Program also provides support to family members, foster families, and adoptive parents when their children are struggling with behavioral and/or emotional issues. Additionally, the program is helpful before relocating a child from a foster home into a residential center and vice versa.

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